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At Berkshire CKD we are huge believers in the benefits martial arts training can have for kids and learning self defence is only a small part of this. Our aim is to equip children with ALL the skills they need to succeed in life not just how to defend themselves and nothing makes us prouder than seeing a child improve not just their martial arts techniques but their character and personality too. The many benefits your child can gain from martial arts training include:

Boosted Social Skills
Children who struggle to make new friends and thrive in a social environment may find it easier to do so in a martial arts class than they do in the playground. Martial arts classes provide a setting where they are surrounded by peers, all sharing the same common interest and goals, allowing children to interact with and help each other as they pursue those common interests. Martial arts training often involves many partner based drills and activities that further encourage social interaction by forcing children to pair up and build their skills together.

Increased Self Discipline
One of the core values of all forms of martial arts is a strong focus on self-discipline. Computer games provide today's children with an unrealistic level of instant gratification, making it difficult to instil values of discipline and self-restraint. Martial arts training, however, continually reminds your child of the benefits of patience, hard work and self-discipline.

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Learning to Set Goals
Most martial arts follow a belt based curriculum where a system of coloured belts signify the wearer's degree of skill. As your child works their way up the belt ranks they are learning important lessons about setting and achieving goals through hard work and effort.

Encouraging Physical Activity
We are often being told by the media that there is a problem with obesity in our young people and how difficult it is to get today's children off the couch and away from the various screens demandng their attention. Martial arts training not only encourages your child to be more physically active but does so in a fun and rewarding environment that inspires them to continue being active outside of class. Your child can even keep active when the weather outside does not allow for any outside activities by practicing their techniques and patterns from the comfort of their own home.

Improved Listening Skills
Listening skills are essential in order to develop your martial arts skills and progress through the belt ranks. Children who don't always pay attention to what they are told can benefit greatly from the verbal communication and one-on-one instruction they receive at their martial arts school.

Increased Confidence and Self Esteem
With every new move they master and every new belt they achieve your child's confidence and self-esteem will receive a big boost. Children who struggle with low self-worth and a lack of confidence in their abilities will usually see this improve as time progresses whilst enrolled in martial arts classes.

Encourages Respect
All forms of martial arts require your child to show unwavering respect for both their instructors and their fellow students. Martial arts training means your child will learn lessons in respect as well as fancy new moves, helping to foster a level of respect for authority and adults that isn't always visible in today's culture.

Developing Teamwork
There are few drills and activities in martial arts that don't require the assistance of another person. This allows children to get vital experience working together and helping each other to learn new skills and accomplish goals.

Improvement in Other Areas of Life
The benefits of martial arts training don’t end when class does. The boost in confidence, increased fitness level and new co-operation skills will also help your child navigate the academic and social aspects of school, affect his behavior at home and have an all around good influence on them as they develop into an adult.

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