Choi Kwang Do for Kids

At Berkshire CKD we are strong believers in the many benefits Martial Arts training can provide to children.

Unfortunately in the world we live in children can sometimes find themselves in situations where their safety is at risk. Our aim is to teach children a practical and effective method of self defence that provides them with the necessary reflexes, skills, and abilities needed to protect themselves in these situations and get home safely.

The benefits of Choi Kwang Do for children go much further than this though. Our focus on respect and discipline can help improve children’s focus and behaviour, both at home and at school. Children will also greatly increase their levels of confidence and self esteem.

Unlike many other Martial Arts, Choi Kwang Do is non-competitive and non-contact. We have found that children struggle to distinguish between winning/losing in a competition and winning/losing in real life and as a result such competitions have a detrimental effect on a child’s growth and development.

Our active and high energy classes will also help increase your child’s coordination and overall fitness.

At Berkshire CKD your child will learn to:

> Practice self defence in a safe environment
> Achieve the very best of their ability
> Get fit and stay fit
> Be polite, honest and truthful
> Develop self discipline
> Make friends and build new relationships