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Our Choi Kwang Do classes are a great way to get in shape and improve your fitness in a fun and friendly environment whilst learning valuable self defence skills at the same time. Below are our favourite reasons why martial arts training is a great alternative to the gym for your fitness goals:

Beat the Crowds
Gym facilities can often be full to capacity. With Martial Arts training there is no queuing to get on that piece of equipment you want to use or having to schedule in your training at midnight or the crack of dawn to be able to avoid the crowds.

Higher commitment
One of the main reasons people give up going to the gym by February time is a lack of structured goals. Other than goals you’ve set for yourself there is nothing to drive you forward and nothing to reach for once you’ve achieved that milestone weight or whatever other goal you’ve set for yourself. This is not the case with Martial Arts training, its belt rank structure means that there is always a “next step” and a further goal to strive for, driving you forwards and keeping you committed to your resolution. Another reason gym goers often give up on their resolutions is the lack of visible results, it takes so long for all the hard work you put in down the gym to become visible when you look at yourself in the mirror that most people will often give up, frustrated with the lack of results. With martial arts training you’ll constantly receive positive feedback and reinforcement on your improvements and you’ll see for yourself that kicking technique looking sharper in the mirror or feel the extra power in your punch. In fact there’s so much to be engaged with in martial arts training that you’ll reach that goal you would have set for yourself down the gym without even realising it.

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Better results
A study by scientists at Canada’s McMaster University has shown that high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can have the same or better results than standard long term exercise. Essentially this means that short bursts of intense exercise is better for you than spending hours and hours running on a treadmill or on a stationary exercise bike. It’s exactly this sort of high-intensity interval training that martial arts training consists of, with lots of shorts burst of explosive power and speed with short recovery times in between. Even better is the fact that you do not have to go “all out” as you would do for many traditional types of exercise to see the benefits, making martial arts training ideal for those of us who may be older, less fit or slightly overweight. The nature of this HIIT training means that you can spend less time doing martial arts training than you would down the gym and still get the same results, giving you precious hours back in your week.

You also learn to defend yourself
Perhaps the biggest reason martial arts training is superior to going down the gym is the fact that not only are you going to get fit but at the same time you are going to learn how to defend yourself and those you care about. At Berkshire CKD we specialise in teaching practical self defence techniques to our students. The big muscles gained from lifting free weights down the gym aren’t going to teach you how to block an attack and counter with a devastating punch, nor will your perfect technique on a spin bike suddenly allow you to know the most effective way to release yourself from someone grabbing you from behind and trying to abduct you. To learn this you need martial arts training. Not only will we work with you to get you that body you want we’ll also teach you how to protect it once you have it!

It’s more fun!
Let’s face it, spending hours down the gym putting yourself through a gruelling workout is not always the most fun or social activity in the world. This couldn’t be further from the truth with martial arts training; you’ll meet lots of new, interesting and like minded people all looking to better themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. You’ll learn to trust these people and eventually call them friends. Not only will you meet lots of new people but martial arts training is also a lot of fun, no class is ever exactly the same with a variety of interesting and exciting drills and exercises taking place every class.

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