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Violent confrontations and sexual assaults can occur at anytime. Statistically you are much more likely to deal with these encounters and get home safely if you have had some form of self defence or Martial Arts training. Choi Kwang Do teaches practical self defence incorporating a variety of striking and close quarters techniques that are easy to learn and effective, Choi’s revolutionary use of biomechanical principles means that anyone can deliver explosive power to devastating effect.

Choi Kwang Do also focuses on the physical, mental and social development of its students. Our classes consist of a variety of enjoyable fitness drills that develop stamina, endurance, speed, agility and explosive power as well as increasing flexibility, strengthening the heart and lungs and helping to lose weight. Choi Kwang Do systematically trains both sides of the body evenly, in coordination with the eyes, which allows students to stimulate and develop their brain as well as their muscles. Choi’s non-competitive and non-contact nature means that out classes take place in a fun and friendly environment, free from judgement and negativity.

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When we say that Choi Kwang Do is suitable for all ages and abilities we mean it, with many students and instructors around the world training well into their 70’s.

Because Choi Kwang Do’s concept is based on individual physical condition, ability and skill level, people can train regardless of age, physical limitations or disabilities. We’re not interested in winning competitions. Ours is a goal oriented program that helps achieve increased mobility and better physical and mental health. Psychologically and emotionally, achieving goals can be much more pleasurable than training without a purpose. No matter your age, it’s never too late for your body to respond to CKD training. Adults quickly find that they can lessen their stress levels, enhance their health and grow as individuals by becoming a part of Choi Kwang Do. Adult students also make friendships with other students and instructors because of the openness and family spirit Choi Kwang Do embodies. Adults who train at Choi Kwang Do have a common goal, self improvement, and we aim to help them fulfil that goal.

At Berkshire CKD you will:

> Learn practical self defence

> Get fit and lose weight

> Increase your confidence

> Make friends and have fun

> Reduce the effects of ageing both mentally and physically

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