Jason Taylor

Chief Instructor, School Owner & Club Secretary

My Story

I started Choi Kwang Do in 2010 studying under Master Nigel Brophy at Surrey CKD and I can honestly say it was the best decision of my life.

Growing up watching old Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee movies I had always had an interest in Martial Arts but had never considered doing it myself as I was not much of a sporty person. I suffered from bullying through out my entire school life which left me with a severe lack of self-confidence and self-worth, quite bad depression and crippling social anxiety. So I felt I had nothing to lose when, after months of being nagged, I finally agreed to be dragged along to a Choi Kwang Do class by my friend.

Due to my social anxiety and lack of confidence this was a huge step for me but from the instant I walked in to the class I felt welcomed and part of a family. I found CKD techniques to be effective and easy to learn and the classes were enjoyable. Over the coming months and years my skills developed but the focus was always on performing to the best of my own ability and I didn’t feel forced to do anything I didn’t feel able to. What I wasn’t expecting was just how much Choi Kwang Do would affect all aspects of my life. My self-confidence and self-worth sky rocketed, I was no longer depressed and I actually looked forward to going to classes each week and interacting with people. In 2013 I took the step to become an assistant instructor and my confidence grew even further. Since joining Choi Kwang Do I have been promoted twice and thrived at work and I firmly believe this is due to the benefits I have received from my CKD training.

Due to all the benefits I have received from Choi Kwang Do I have a lot of passion for teaching CKD and sharing those benefits with as many people as possible.

*I also met my wife at Choi Kwang Do but I cannot guarantee this benefit of CKD will be true for everyone

About Me:

  • CKD Practioner Since:

    July 2010

  • CKD Instructor Since:

    February 2013