What is CKD?

choi kwang do history

History of CKD

Choi Kwang Do Martial Art International is a worldwide organization of affiliated Choi Kwang Do schools. The name Choi Kwang Do is derived from the name of Grand Master Kwang Jo Choi. "Choi Kwan" and the word "Do" means "The Way". Therefore, Choi Kwang Do is the art or the way of Grand Master Kwang Jo Choi. Kwang Jo Choi was born on March 2nd 1942 in Tae Gu City, Korea which was under Japanese control at the time. He started training in Martial Arts at the age of 12 because his father was concerned that Kwang Jo was small and physically weak, and he wanted his son to be able to protect himself in the war-torn streets. Kwang Jo's first official Martial Art...

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choi kwang do kids

CKD for Kids

At Berkshire CKD we are huge believers in the benefits martial arts training can have for kids and learning self defence is only a small part of this. Our aim is to equip children with ALL the skills they need to succeed in life not just how to defend themselves and nothing makes us prouder than seeing a child improve not just their martial arts techniques but their character and personality too. The many benefits your child can gain from martial arts training include:

Boosted Social Skills
Children who struggle to make new friends and thrive in a social environment may find it...

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choi kwang do adults

CKD for Adults

Violent confrontations and sexual assaults can occur at anytime. Statistically you are much more likely to deal with these encounters and get home safely if you have had some form of self defence or Martial Arts training. Choi Kwang Do teaches practical self defence incorporating a variety of striking and close quarters techniques that are easy to learn and effective, Choi’s revolutionary use of biomechanical principles means that anyone can deliver explosive power to devastating effect. Choi Kwang Do also focuses on the physical, mental and social development of its students. Our classes consist of a variety of enjoyable fitness drills that develop stamina...

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choi kwang do fitness

CKD for Fitness

Our Choi Kwang Do classes are a great way to get in shape and improve your fitness in a fun and friendly environment whilst learning valuable self defence skills at the same time. Below are our favourite reasons why martial arts training is a great alternative to the gym for your fitness goals:

Beat the Crowds
Gym facilities can often be full to capacity. With Martial Arts training there is no queuing to get on that piece of equipment you want to use or having to schedule in your training at midnight or the crack of dawn to be able to avoid the crowds...

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